Dance is magical!

Have you ever wondered try dancing, but pushed this thought away of being silly? Maybe it was never the right time, or you needed a dance partner you didn't have...

Guess what? This taster class is just for you if:

  • You finally want to have some fun!
  • You haven't tried Solo Jazz before.
  • You've tasted it already, but it was a long time ago, or you forgot most of it and want to get back to moving.
  • Or maybe this is your very first dance experience ever and Solo Jazz sounds exciting.

I invite you to push all the excuses away (if there is still any), find that time for yourself, put on a smile, and dance together with me!

Hey! Labas!

My name is Egle Regelskis and I'm in looooove with Solo Jazz! 🧡

Dancing was always in my blood since I first tried Ballroom and Folk dances when I was little, but it was when I found the family of Swing dances in 2004 that I knew I had found what I was looking for! I felt so much more me and realized that magic happens by stepping out of our comfort zone thereby accepting ourselves with all our weaknesses and strengths.

I got you here! The first steps aren't always easy, but as long as you're driven by your passion and courage, you're good!

Solo Jazz dance is for everyone!

You might be classy Rosie, or maybe very serious Pedro, even knowing things in life with certainty as Claire, or sometimes shy Poppy – whoever you are, falling in love with dance is for sure making you happier, brings self-confidence and a big big smile.

🎶 Enjoy the video 🎶

Let's dance together!